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Chris Taylor's Wildman Kickstarter, and Major Layoffs at Gas Powered Games 

Things aren't looking great for Gas Powered Games. Such a shame, as they've been good for gaming. Their focus on PC and strategy games, without rehashing decade-old designs, is to be admired.

Between his humour, enthusiasm, and straight forward nature, Chris Taylor is such a great industry figure. I came across the old Kings & Castles developer videos a few weeks ago and it occurred to me that Chris Taylor & co pre-empted the Kickstarter movement by a couple of years. And even today, few do it as humorously and enthusiastically as Chris Taylor.

Still, I feel uneasy about the Kickstarter. It looks like it will run the entire 30 days, and it'll probably get funded, but I can't see it saving the company. $1.1 million seems tight.

The game itself is very interesting, and again, this is GPG doing strategy without rehashing. But the mod side of things (the online OS technology) seems risky, expensive, and unnecessary. That hasn't stopped me from backing, mind you, but I'm not sure I'd recommend others to do the same. I'm kind of a crazy person (or a Wildman, if you will).

Of course, the sad part is that promising Total Annihilation would have worked a lot better. While Kickstarter has been great, it's frustrating to see interesting concepts from experienced developers being sidelined in favour of nostalgia trips.

posted 21 January 2013